Maintaining the ties of sisterhood is challenging – it isn’t term papers and exams; It’s our friendship, careers, perhaps young children, elderly parents, and other responsibilities. Your participation in AOII may be as involved as you wish to make it. Your friendship will always be welcomed with consideration for any amount of time, talent and resources you would like to share.


We offer you heartfelt congratulations and would like to welcome you with open arms as an active alumna member. We are looking forward to meeting you soon at our fun events.


Rest assured, membership in the TAAC is open to Alpha Omicron Pi alumnae from any collegiate chapter. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at toronto.alumnae@gmail.com. We'd be happy to chat with you!

TAAC Dues Membership Form (2016).docx TAAC Dues Membership Form (2016).docx
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Download and complete the membership form below. Once complete, please mail it to:

Kristina Hunt
41 Fairleigh Cres. Toronto, ON M6C 3S1



Below are two options for submitting your dues. If you have any questions, please e-mail our Treasurer, Kristina Hunt, at kristinahunt@rogers.com.

1) Mail

Print and complete the annual dues notice and mail it with your cheque, payable to:


Mail to: Kristina Hunt 

41 Fairleigh Cres. Toronto, ON M6C 3S1

2) E-Transfer

  • First contact kristinahunt@rogers.com to notify her that you'd like to use the e-transfer option.
  • Go to your personal online bank account and add kristinahunt@rogers.com as the recipient. Set your own password and then e-mail her that password.
  • Kristina Hunt will e-mail you a confirmation along with the bank sending you a notification.