Maintaining the ties of sisterhood is challenging - it isn't term papers and exams. It's our friendships, careers, perhaps young children, elderly parents, and other responsibilities. Your participation in TAAC may be as involved as you wish it to be. Your friendship will always be welcomed with consideration for any amount of time, talent and resources you would like to share. 

We would welcome you with open arms as an active alumna member!

Come out to our fun events or email us at toronto.alumnae@gmail.com to learn more.

The alumnae relationship is about friendships across all generations and many collegiate chapters, sharing the common spirit of AOII:

"...In our sisterhood there are no sharply divided age groups as on the campus, but the generations shade into one another with a pleasant imperceptibilityā€¯ - Stella George Stern Perry


Any graduate from Alpha Omicron Pi collegiate chapter is welcome to join our Toronto Area Alumnae Chapter.

Update: Membership form for 2020/2021  is now available.